ASiS-5 Topics

New Opportunity and Challenge in Silicon Chemistry

This symposium will cover both fundamental and applied aspects of silicon chemistry.
Topics will include:
  • New compounds and new reactions in organosilicon chemistry
  • Theoretical and structural silicon chemistry
  • Inorganic silicon chemistry
  • Silicon polymers and oligomers
  • Silicones and polysiloxanes
  • Silicon-based materials
  • Silicon in organic synthesis
  • Biological aspects of silicon chemistry
  • Silicon-transition metal chemistry
  • Other aspects of silicon chemistry
The program of the symposium will include plenary lectures, invited lectures, short oral presentations, and poster presentations.

Call for Abstracts (CLOSED)

The policy of ASiS-5 is to accept all abstracts by registered participants which correspond to a professional contribution to the broad field of Silicon related Sciences and Technologies.
Please submit an abstract for a poster presentation with an optional short oral presentation upgrade.
Several posters will be upgraded to short oral presentations by the decision of ASiS-5 organizing committee.
Online abstract submission for ASiS-5 will be open from April 1, 2015.
Deadline of abstract submission with optional short oral presentation upgrade: June 30, 2015 (closed)
Deadline of abstract submission for poster presentation: August 31, 2015 (closed)

Preparing Abstract

  1. Please download ASiS-5 Abstract Template.  Go to Downloads
  2. Fill your abstract directly into the template file and save.
  3. After July 1, 2015, please finish online registration first before submit an abstract.
  4. Please submit BOTH of MS word file and PDF file by online. (From April 1 to August 31, 2015)

Abstract Submission Guidelines

  1. After July 1, 2015, registration is mandatory for abstract submission.
  2. Submission should be made by the PRESENTING AUTHOR.
  3. All abstracts must be submitted via the symposium website ONLY.
  4. Both of MS word file and its PDF file should be uploaded.
  5. Because only one poster session will be composed in ASiS-5, we will accept only one abstract per participant.
  6. A confirmation email will be automatically sent to the submitter upon completion of submission.
  7. The submitted abstract can be substituted at the "Mypage" by June 30, 2015.
  8. After July 1, 2015, online modification of the submitted abstract is impossible, please contact to
  9. If you have to withdraw an abstract, please notify the committee in writing via email not later than August 31, 2015.
  10. If online submission is impossible, please contact to

Please Note

  • Selected short oral presenter is required to complete registration by July 15, 2015.
  • Only a presenting author (submitter) will be listed on the program page of the official website.
  • The submission of an abstract grants ASiS-5 permission to publish the abstract on the booklet (also digital copy).

Acceptance Notification

Decision between an oral contribution and a poster presentation, and rejection if necessary, will be made by the ASiS-5 Program Committee.
Submitter with an optional oral presentation upgrade will be informed about the decision via email by July 10, 2015.
After July 1, 2015, submitter will be informed about the acceptance within one week.