ASiS-5 List of Speakers

List of 7 plenary speakers, 19 invited speakers, and 21 oral speakers
Code: PL (Plenary Lecture), IL (Invited Lecture), OP (Oral Presentation)
Time: M (Oct. 19), T (Oct. 20), 0000 (Presentation starting time in HH:MM)
OP01M1420Cao, JinfengShandong Univ.Synthesis of Functional Polysiloxane with Mercaptopropyl and Polyether Side Chains with Thiol-Ene Click Reactions as a Monomer Synthesis Method
PL05T0945Chirik, PaulPrinceton Univ.Base Metal Catalyzed Alkene Hydrosilylation: Scope, Mechanism and Applications
OP09M1605Cho, Hyeon MoYonsei Univ.Soluble Polycyclosilane–Polysiloxane Hybrid Material: Optical Properties at 193 nm and Etch Selectivity
OP11T1140Choe, Yoong-KeeAISTMechanistic Analysis on Olefin Hydrosilylation Catalyzed by a Cationic Nickel Allyl Complex
IL19T1445Clarke, StephenUniv. of South AustraliaLatest Developments in Silicon Chemistry in Australia
OP07M1550Feng, LinglongShandong Univ.Synthesis and Characterization of Nucleobase-Containing Polysiloxanes by Amino-ene Reactions
OP18T1525Gunji, TakahiroTokyo Univ. of ScienceSynthesis and Application of Proton-Conductive Polysilsesquioxane as a Proton-Conductive Membrane in PEFC
IL18T1445Iimura, TomohiroDow Corning ToraySilicone Encapsulants for High Brightness LED
OP21T1540Ishida, ShintaroTohoku Univ.Synthesis, Properties, and Reactions of a Dialkyldisilyne
OP02M1420Iwamoto, TakeakiTohoku Univ.Structure and Reactions of 2,3-Disila-1,3-butadiene Obtained from Double Sila-Peterson Reaction
IL04M1135Jones, CameronMonash Univ.New Routes to Low Oxidation State Silicon Compounds: Useful Reagents for Chemical Synthesis
OP04M1335Joo, JinmyoungUC, San DiegoPorous Silicon Nanocarriers for Targeted Delivery of siRNA
IL06M1330Jun, Chul-HoYonsei Univ.Catalytic Immobilization of Functionalized Alkenylsilane onto Silica or Glass Surface
IL07M1355Jung, YusukKCC, KoreaSilicone Development for Personal Care
IL16T1330Kang, Sang OokKorea Univ.Silicon Based Inorganic/Organic Hybrid Materials for Highly Efficient Deep Blue Phosphorescent OLEDs
OP05M1535Kawashima, TakayukiGunma Univ.Synthesis of 1,2,3,4-Terahydro-2-silanaphthalenes Utilizing Alkenes Activated by Silyl Cations
OP10M1605Kim, B.J.UC, San DiegoFusogenic Liposome-Coated Porous Silicon Nanoparticles for Gene Delivery
OP06M1535Kim, Jin SooChosun Univ.Ultra-Sensitive High Explosives Sensor Based on Porous Silicon Quantum Dot Nanocarrier
IL17T1330Kira, MitsuoHangzhou Normal Univ.Diverse Reactivity of an Isolable Dialkylsilylene toward Carbon-Nitrogen Double Bonds
PL07T1700Kuroda, KazuyukiWaseda Univ.Silicate Chemistry Meets Organosilicon Chemistry: Siloxane-Based Nanomaterials by Design
OP20T1540Lee, AlbertKISTHybrid Gel Polymer Electrolytes Based on Ladder-Like Polysilsesquioxanes
PL03M1640Lee, Myong EuyYonsei Univ.Stable Halosilylenoids: New Synthetic Routes for Silaheterocycles
OP16T1510Liu, HongzhiShandong Univ.Hybrid Porous Materials Based on Octavinylsilsesquioxane (OVS)
IL01M1110Luh, Tien-YauNational Taiwan Univ.A Comparison of Alternating Copolymers, [–(MR2)–(Conjugated Chromophores)–], with Substituted Methylene (M = C) and Silylene (M = Si) Spacers
OP08M1550Matsuo, TsukasaKinki Univ.Diarylsilylenes Bearing the Bulky Rind Groups
OP15T1410Mizuhata, YoshiyukiKyoto Univ.Synthesis, Structure, and Reactivity of Germa- and Stannabenzenes
OP17T1510Nakata, NorioSaitama Univ.Synthesis and Structure of Cationic Dinuclear Palladium Complex Containing μ-Hydrido and μ-Silylene Ligands
IL03M1135Ohshita, JojiHiroshima Univ.Synthesis of Si- and Ge-Bridged Bithiophene and Bipyridyl
IL12T1050Ohwada, HirotoShin-EtsuSilicone Materials for Photovoltaic Module
PL01M0920Roesky, Herbert W.Univ. GoettingenExciting New Chemistry with Low Valent Silicon
PL02M1005Sailor, Michael J.UC, San DiegoIn Vivo Imaging and Drug Delivery with Targeted Porous Silicon Nanoparticles
IL14T1115Shim, Sang EunInha Univ.Electronically Insulative and High Thermally Conductive Silicone Composites
OP03M1435Shimada, ShigeruAISTOlefin Hydrosilylation Reaction Catalyaed by Ni(II) Complexes
IL11T1050Sohn, HonglaeChosun Univ.Silicon Quantum Dots and Luminescent Porous Silicon Nanoparticles for Ultra-sensitive Explosives Sensor
IL02M1110Tacke, ReinholdUniv. of WuerzburgDonor-Stabilized Bis(amidinato)- and Bis(guanidinato)silicon(II) Complexes as Precursors for the Synthesis of Novel Neutral Silicon(II) and Silicon(IV) Complexes
IL15T1140Tamura, OsamuMPM, JapanMomentive Advanced Silicone Optical Solution
IL10M1510Tobita, HiromiTohoku Univ.Novel Synthetic Approaches to Transition Metal–Germanium and –Silicon Triple-Bonded Complexes
PL04T0900Tokitoh, NorihiroKyoto Univ.Syntheses, Structures, and Properties of Stable 1,2-Disila- and 1,2-Digermabenzenes
IL05M1330Unno, MasafumiGunma Univ.Recent Key Developments for Well-defined Siloxanes
OP13T1355Wang, JoannaUC, San DiegoProtein Delivery with Porous Silicon Particles
OP19T1525Wang, YunfengShandong Univ.Research on Synthesis and Properties of Polysiloxane-Functionalized Carbon Dots
PL06T1615Xu, CaihongChinese Academy of SciencesSilicon-Based Ceramic Precursors: Synthesis and Application
IL08M1355Xu, Li-WenHangzhou Normal Univ.Powerful Potentials of Silicon in Asymmetric Catalysis: From Organosilicon-Enhanced Asymmetric Catalysis to the Synthesis of Silicon-Stereogenic Molecules
OP12T1355Zhang, Fei-BaoHiroshima Univ.Influence of Substituents and Molecular Weights on the Photovoltaic Properties of Alternating
Dithienogermole-Dithienylbenzothiadiazole Polymers
IL13T1115Zhang, JieShandong Univ.Amino-Ene Reaction: A New Approach to Functional Alkoxysilanes and Organosilicon Polymers
IL09M1510Zhou, ChuanjianShandong Univ.Ablative Properties and Mechanisms of PMPS/PNS-3 Silicon Rubber Compositive Material under Oxyacetylene Flame
OP14T1410Zuo, YujingShandong Univ.Realizing Color-Transformable System for Luminescent Films Reproduction: Multi-Color Emitting Silicone Films Prepared by Thiol-ene “Click” Chemistry Showing Potential Application in UV-LED