ASiS-5 Best Poster Awards

Awards Ceremony: 20:00~20:10 October 20, 2015 4F Crystal Ballroom
Following is the list of ASiS-5 Best Poster Award Winners.
#PresenterAffiliationPoster Title
08Fujimori, ShioriKyoto Univ.Synthesis and Structure of a Stable Germabenzenylpotassium Derivative
11Hayakawa, NaokiKinki Univ.1-Pyrenyl-Substituted Disilenes Bearing the Bulky Rind Groups
22Kang, JinyoungUC, San DiegoSelf-Sealing Porous Silicon-Salt Core-Shell Nanoparticles for siRNA Delivery
27Kim, YeongseonInha Univ.Synthesis of Silica@PEG@graphite via a Sol-Gel Reaction
32Li, ShushengShandong Univ.Preparation of Thermo-, pH- and Electrolyte- Responsive Polysiloxane (SRPSi) via Free-catalyst Amino-ene Reaction
34Li, YangNankai Univ.A Novel Way to Achieve Silaboration of Alkynes by an Silylene Intermediate
38Lu, HaifengShandong Univ.The Aggregation-Induced Emission of Phosphonate Ester in Disiloxane
48Park, Mi AeChosun Uinv.Ultra-Sensitive Bragg-Reflective Photoluminescent Porous Silicon for Explosive Vapors
60Yokouchi, YukiTohoku Univ.Syntheses, Structures and Properties of Silicon-Silicon Doubly-Bonded Compounds with Polycyclic Silicon Frameworks