ASiS-5 Information for Oral Presenters

Presentation Time Allotment
Including Q&A, 45 min for plenary lecture, 25 min for invited lecture, 15 min for short oral presentation.
Audio-Visual Equipment
Symposium hall will be equipped with the following:
  • Large screen (4:3 ratio)
  • Beam projector (RGB port)
  • Laptop computer running MS PowerPoint 2013
  • Wireless microphone for presenter
  • Laser pointer equipped wireless presenter
Presentation File
Recommended presentation file is Microsoft PowerPoint.
Please visit the Preview Desk to ensure the files function correctly in the given environment.
Please bring your presentation file on a USB drive and submit it to the staff before each session starts.
Preview Desk
Please visit Registration Desk to preview your presentation file.
Operation time and place:
  • 15:00~20:00 Oct. 18 at 6F Lobby
  • 08:30~18:00 Oct. 19 at 4F Lobby
  • 08:30~17:00 Oct. 20 at 4F Lobby
We strongly recommend against using your laptop, but if you wish to present with your own laptop, please notify our staff before presentation session and check connection to the projector. If you wish to use your MacBook, please bring your own display adapter

ASiS-5 Information for Poster Presenters

Poster Size
The recommended size of poster presentation material is W 900 mm x H 1,200 mm (portrait).
Poster Session Schedule
Poster session will be held at the lobby of 4F on 17:30~19:00 October 19.
Mounting / Removal
Please post your poster at least 30 minutes prior to the beginning of the session.
Assistance as well as mounting material will be provided by our staff.
Best Poster Award
All posters will be eligible for nomination for the best poster awards. They will be reviewed by the selected reviewers during 17:30~18:30 which means that one of the authors should be on standby in front of their poster to answer any questions by the reviewers or participants.
Best poster award to be presented at closing ceremony on Oct. 20, 2015.