ASiS-5 Poster Presentations

Time & Date: 17:30~19:00 Monday October 19, 2015
Place: Lobby, 4F
ASiS-5 Best Poster Award Winners!
Following is the final list of ASiS-5 poster presentations, please check your poster number.
To encourage active discussion, draft beer and light snack will be offered from 18:00. ( Sponsored by HRS)
#PresenterAffiliationPoster Title
01Akasaka, NaohikoTohoku Univ.Reactivity and Property of the Smallest Bridgehead Disilene
02Cho, BominChosun Uinv.H-terminated Silicon Quantum Dots Showing an Extraordinary High Quantum Yield
03Cho, KieyongKISTTuning the Interface between Poly(vinylidene fluoride)/UV-Curable Polysilsesquioxane Hybrid Composites: Miscibility, Thermal, Mechanical Electrical, and Surface Properties
04Choi, JiheeKISTFunctionalized-Silica Based Down-Shifting Layer for Photovoltaics
05Choi, SeongjibAISTDirect Synthesis of Tetraalkoxysilane from Silica
06Choi, You MeeKISTSynthesis of Water-Soluble Poly-Silsesquioxane by 3-Step Reaction (Acid-Acid-Base condition)
07Feng, KaiShandong Univ.Synthesis and Characterization of Polydimethylsiloxane Urethane Self-assembly Thermoplastic Elastomer Based on Multiply Hydrogen Bonds of 2-ureido-4-H-pyrimidinone(Upy)
Fujimori, ShioriKyoto Univ.Synthesis and Structure of a Stable Germabenzenylpotassium Derivative
09Fujita, NaokoKinki Univ.Germanium Ketone Analogues, (Rind)2Ge=E (E = O, S, Se): Synthesis, Structures, and Bonding Properties
10Guo, Jing-DongKyoto Univ.Mechanistic Studies on the Reactions of a Digermyne with Olefins
Hayakawa, NaokiKinki Univ.1-Pyrenyl-Substituted Disilenes Bearing the Bulky Rind Groups
12Hsu, Chen-YuanNational Taiwan UniversitySyntheses of Tritopic N-Heterocyclic Metallylenes
13Hu, JidongAerospace Res. Inst. of Mater. and Processing Tech.Viscosity of Solid and Liquid Polycarbosilanes with Different Molecular Weight
14Igarashi, TakahiroTokyo Univ. of ScienceSynthesis and Properties of Novel Cage Octasilicate Polymers
15Im, Hee-JungKorea Atomic Energy Res. InstituteNanoparticle-embedded Inorganic-organic Hybrid Silica Gels for Adsorption Mechanism Studies
16In, InsikKorea National Univ. of TransportationSynthesis of Luminescent Silicon Quantum Dots by Using Carbohydrates as Reducing Agents
17Jeon, HyeonyeolKISTPreparation of UV-Cured Polysilsesquioxane/ZnO Nanocomposites with Highly Emission and Thermal Stability
18Jo, Young YeolKISTSelf-healing Ladder-like Polysilsesquioxanes
19Jung, Dae YoonChosun Uinv.Porous Silicon Nanowires Prepared from an Electrochemical Etching and Metal-Assisted Chemical Etching
20Jung,Young MinKeimyung Uinv.Synthesis of Copolymers Containing 1,1-Diisopropyl-3,4-diphenylsilolene and Disubstitutedsilylene along the Main Chain and Their Applications to Lithium-ion Battery
21Kalinina, AleksandraRussian Academy of SciencesSynthesis of Organocyclosiloxane in Active Medium
Kang, JinyoungUC, San DiegoSelf-Sealing Porous Silicon-Salt Core-Shell Nanoparticles for siRNA Delivery
23Kazakova, ValentinaRussian Academy of SciencesSynthesis of Amphyphylic Molecular Silicasols
24Kim, BominKISTPhotocurable Azido-Functionalized Ladder-Like Polysilsesquioxanes as Gate Dielectric
25Kim, Dae JinKISTSynthesis and Applications of Organosilanepolyols
26Kim, JongjunChosun Uinv.High Refractive Polysiloxane Hybrimer Based on Dendrimer-Type Siloxane for LED Encapsulant Application
Kim, YeongseonInha Univ.Synthesis of Silica@PEG@graphite via a Sol-Gel Reaction
28Kobayashi, YuzuruUniv. of TsukubaSynthesis and Reactivity of the New Silyl-substituted Cyclobutadiene Derivatives
29Lee, Gyu HwanHannam Univ.Property Analysis of Polysilane Precursors and Applications for Polysilicon
30Lee, MinchulInha Univ.Mechanical and Thermal Properties of Glass Fiber/Silane Coupling Agent/Silica/PP Composite and TPU for Filter Module Parts
31Lee, Sung GiChosun Uinv.Optical and Structural Characterization of Silafluorenes Containing Triptycene Moiety for Explosive Sensing Application.
Li, ShushengShandong Univ.Preparation of Thermo-, pH- and Electrolyte- Responsive Polysiloxane (SRPSi) via Free-catalyst Amino-ene Reaction
33Li, TianhaoNankai Univ.Synthesis of 1,1’-Spirobisilole From NHC-Silylene Complex
Li, YangNankai Univ.A Novel Way to Achieve Silaboration of Alkynes by an Silylene Intermediate
35Li, YongmingChinese Academy of SciencesWITHDRAWN
36Lou, KeNankai Univ.Synthesis of an Iron Silylidene Complex and Its Catalytic Application for Hydrosilylation of Ketones and Aldehydes under Solvent-Free
37Lu, HaifengShandong Univ.Syntheysis and Study the Inhibition Effect of Multifunctional Silicone Derivatives Containing Two Phosphite Radicals on the Iron Surface
Lu, HaifengShandong Univ.The Aggregation-Induced Emission of Phosphonate Ester in Disiloxane
39Lu, HangShandong Univ.Preparation and Characterization of Supermolecular Silicone Elastomer by Acid-base Neutralization
40Maede, TomokiKinki Univ.Hexaphenylbenzene Hexaanion Species Stabilized by Silyl Groups: Structural Characteristics and Electronic Properties
41Meshkov, IvanRussian Academy of SciencesHyperbranched Polymethylsilsesquioxanes and Their Transformation onto Corresponding Nanogels
42Min, Yong KiKeimyung Univ.Synthesis of Silole and Thienosilole Derivatives and their Copolymerization with Dichlorodisubstitutedsilanes
43Naka, AkinobuKurashiki Univ. of Sci. and the ArtsSynthesis and Optical Properties of Silyl-bridged H-shaped Multi Thiophenes
44Nishiura, HirokiKyoto Univ.An (Aminomethyl)borylsilane as a Synthetic Equivalent of Silene under Palladium-Catalyzed Conditions
45Oguri, NaokiGunma Univ.Synthesis and Structure of “Janus Cube”: Cage Octasilsesquioxane with Two Different Substituents
46Ohmori, YuUniv. of TsukubaReactivity of Cylotrisilene toward Azides
47Park, Ju CheonChosun Uinv.Detection of HF Gas Based on an Oxidized DBR Porous Silicon Interferometer
Park, Mi AeChosun Uinv.Ultra-Sensitive Bragg-Reflective Photoluminescent Porous Silicon for Explosive Vapors
49Park, Sang-HeeKISTHigh Order Structure of Polysilsesquioxane: Particles, electrospun fibers and porous membranes
50Qian, YingjieInha Univ.Electric and Thermal Properties of Silicone Rubber Composite Filled Graphite and Carbon Nanotube
51Rheem, Mi JungInha Univ.Fabrication of Thermally Expandable Microspheres via Pickering Suspension Polymerization Using Halloysite Nanotubes
52Sasaki, IkuoKyoto Univ.Catalytic C(sp3)–H Borylation-Based Functionalization of Methylalkoxysilanes
53Shin, BominaChosun Uinv.Aggregation Induced Emission Enhancement Properties of Bis(silacyclopentadiene) and Oxybis(silacyclopentadiene): The Effect of Oxygen between AIE Fluorephores
54Shogo, NishimuraKinki Univ.2-Thienyl-Subsituted Disilenes Protected by the Bulky Rind Groups
55Song, Jun HyunYonsei Univ.Syntheses and Structural Study of Silyl Anion Species
56Song, Seon-JaKISTCharacteristics of Silicon Oxide Thin Films Prepared by Low-Temperature Thermal Curing Using the QT Resin
57Um, SungyongChosun Uinv.Synthesis and Optical Characterization of Germafluorene for Blue OLED and Sensor Application
58Wang, ShuaiShandong Univ.The Preparation of Poly(methylphenyl-co-methyltrifluoropropyl) Siloxane Rubber and Its Properties
59Wang, XuefengShandong Univ.A Novel Thiophene Functioned Silicon-containing Fluorescent Probe with AIEE Characteristic for Detection of Nitroaromatic Explosives
Yokouchi, YukiTohoku Univ.Syntheses, Structures and Properties of Silicon-Silicon Doubly-Bonded Compounds with Polycyclic Silicon Frameworks
61Zhang, ChenShandong Univ.Effect of dn/dc Value on Specific Parameters Determination of Polymethylphenylsiloxane
62Zhang, HuiShandong Univ.The Study on Ablative Properties and Mechanisms of Phenyl silicone rubber composites
63Zhang, YingShandong Univ.Synthesis and Characterization of Diethyl Silicone Copolymers and its Properties
64Zhang, ZhidaShandong Univ.Efficient and Facile Synthesis of Siloxane Dendrimer via Orthogonal Click Chemistry between Thiol and Ene
65Zhao, ShiguiShandong Univ.Effect of Catalysts on the Thermal Stability of PDMS Network
66Zhu, QingzengShandong Univ.The Crafts for Preparing Multiform Polysilsesquioxanes