List of Short Oral Presenters

Jinfeng CaoShandong Univ.Synthesis of Functional polysiloxane with mercaptopropyl and polyether side chains with thiol-ene click reactions as a monomer synthesis method
Hyeon Mo ChoYonsei Univ.Soluble Polycyclosilane–Polysiloxane Hybrid Material: optical properties at 193 nm and etch selectivity
Yoong-Kee ChoeAISTMechanistic Analysis on Olefin Hydrosilylation Catalyzed by a Cationic Nickel Allyl Complex
Linglong FengShandong Univ.Synthesis and Characterization of Nucleobase-Containing Polysiloxanes by Amino-ene Reactions
Takahiro GunjiTokyo Univ. of ScienceSynthesis and application of proton-conductive polysilsesquioxane as a proton-conductive membrane in PEFC
Shintaro IshidaTohoku Univ.Synthesis, Properties, and Reactions of a Dialkyldisilyne
Takeaki IwamotoTohoku Univ.Structure and Reactions of 2,3-Disila-1,3-butadiene Obtained from Double Sila-Peterson Reaction
Jinmyoung JooUCSDPorous silicon nanocarriers for targeted delivery of siRNA
Takayuki KawashimaGunma Univ.Synthesis of 1,2,3,4-Terahydro-2-silanaphthalenes Utilizing Alkenes Activated by Silyl Cations
Byungji KimUCSDFusogenic Liposome-Coated Porous Silicon Nanoparticles for Gene Delivery
Jin Soo KimChosun Univ.Ultra-sensitive High Explosives Sensor Based on Porous Silicon Quantum Dot Nanocarrier
Albert LeeKISTHybrid Gel Polymer Electrolytes based on Ladder-like Polysilsesquioxanes
Hongzhi LiuShandong Univ.Hybrid Porous Materials Based on Octavinylsilsesquioxane (OVS)
Tsukasa MatsuoKinki Univ.Diarylsilylenes Bearing the Bulky Rind Groups
Yoshiyuki MizuhataKyoto Univ.Synthesis, Structure, and Reactivity of Germa- and Stannabenzenes
Norio NakataSaitama Univ.Synthesis and Structure of Cationic Dinuclear Palladium Complex Containing μ-Hydrido and μ-Silylene Ligands
Shigeru ShimadaAISTOlefin Hydrosilylation Reaction Catalyaed by Ni(II) Complexes
Joanna WangUCSDProtein Delivery with Porous Silicon Particles
Yunfeng WangShandong Univ.Research on Synthesis and Properties of Polysiloxane-Functionalized Carbon Dots
Fei-Bao ZhangHiroshima Univ.Influence of substituents and molecular weights on the photovoltaic properties of alternating dithienogermole-dithienylbenzothiadiazole polymers
Yujing ZuoShandong Univ.Realizing Color-Transformable System for Luminescent Films Reproduction: Multi-Color Emitting Silicone Films Prepared by Thiol-ene “Click” Chemistry Showing Potential Application in UV-LED